Risk in the News

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Call for Papers

This link to a risk journal and its call for papers may be of interest.

Call for papers


Banking and financial services risk management survey 2012. Ernst and Young 


On the need to increase transparency by banks on the risks related to derivative transactions

Disclosure of the fair value of complex securities. By Robert Kaplan, Robert Merton and Scott Rich

RBS/Nat West IT failure

HSBC money laundering fine

LIBOR scandal Video clips

Governor of the Bank of England on the scandal

Enterprise Risk Management

10 Minutes on managing risk and perfromance
10Minutes on managing risk and performance provides PwC's insights on strategies you can use to lay the foundations of an integrated approach to managing risk and performance that systematically links risk and reward, facilitates strategic decision making, improves operations and reduces costs

Human Resource Risk Management

Fatigue levels of Australian medics likened to being legally drunk

Longevity risk. The latest views on the global picture from the IMF 2012-08-08

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research