Performance Management Training Package

CEPMMA runs the EPSRC funded Performance Management Training Package which provides 5 modules covering DEA and Econometric performance measurement methods. These modules can be taken not only by students on the MSc in Operational Research and Performance Management, but also by students in employment (notably at the DfES and OFWAT). The package consists of four modules on the quantitative methods for measuring efficiency and productivity in organisations.  The modules are delivered in block form using Fridays and Saturdays to enable those at work to take them. Trainees have attended models from a large number of organisations, including some from overseas.  Those same organisations frequently sponsor short research projects (e.g. Severn Trent Water, Oxera, United Utilities) or indeed co-sponsor more substantive research, e.g. OFWAT.

Training courses

Members of the Centre organise and teach four modules on the quantitative methods for measuring and managing performance. One module, which is a pre-requisite for the other three, is introductory on mathematical programming and statistics which underlie respectively the methods of Data Envelopment Analysis and Econometrics  for measuring performance, covered in one module each. Finally, a fourth module brings together DEA and econometric methods for measuring and managing performance. 

To make the modules accessible to trainees who are in full time employment, they are delivered in block form, so that the module can be taken in four full days of teaching. Two of these days are usually Saturdays to ensure limited disruption to the work duties of trainees. 

Three of the modules, excluding the introductory one, are fully integrated into the MSc in Operational Research and Performance Management while they are also optional for the MSc in Operational Research and Management Studies.  This integration achieves two aims. From the perspective of full time students it brings them into contact with people working in the types of organisations and fields of work that may prove suitable for them once they complete their degree. 

From the perspective of trainees at work it means the training can be seen as part of an MSc degree and indeed some have opted to proceed to a full MSc degree.  Indirectly, this has opened a part-time route to the MSc degree. One organisation which has consistently used the performance management training package to train its staff is OFWAT, the regulator of English and Welsh water companies. Other organisations which have more or less consistently used the training courses provided by CEPMMA are OXERA, a consultancy company with substantial interests in efficiency analysis, Severn Trent Water and United Utilities.  Trainees have also been attracted from regulated companies in Portugal, Germany and Nigeria.

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