Research Projects

Major collaborative research projects

These projects are of longer duration. There were  two such projects during the review period:

  • ESRC case award in collaboration with OFWAT.  This is a three-year project and is being carried out as research for PhD. The project is developing panel-based methods for assessing efficiency when the number of observations is sparse. The project is supervised by Thanassoulis and Saal.

  • Development of bespoke DEA software for the department of Education and Skills. This project was carried out by Emrouznejad and Thanassoulis to enable the DfES to run assessments of performance of secondary schools in the UK using pupil level data.

Short research projects

These are typically supervised by members of CEPMMA and are carried out to address some aspect of efficiency or productivity analysis at a sponsor organisation.  Some £50,000 worth of such projects have been sponsored over the review period (see answer to question 5 above). Sample projects during the review period are the following:

Project title


Assessing the Relative Performance of American

Publicly Owned Utilities

American Public Power Association

Efficiency and its change in the Water Industry using

Panel Data based assessments of Efficiency  Techniques

Office of Water Services


Assessing Economies of Scope in the UK Water Industry

Forecasting Child Benefit Levels

Inland Revenue

The Management of risk at West Midlands Fire

Service - an Analysis of Optimal Locations…

West Midlands Fire Services


Estimating Cost Efficiencies of Administration of

Incentives of regulation

Severn Trent Water plc


Development of a Stock Management System for Linde Gas UK and its agents

Linde Gas UK


Assessing pupil and school performance

using parametric and DEA  methods

Department for Education and Skills - London


Developing a Cost Function for Higher Education

in England Using Data Envelopment analysis

Department for Education and Skills

Commercial water demand forecasts

Yorkshire Water plc

Estimating the optimum number of sludge treatment centres


 Anglian Water Plc

A study of implementing a 'paperless office' for the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister – Fire Statistics and Research Division

Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

Resource allocation to the National Offender Management Service (NOMS)

Home Office

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research