Postgraduate opportunities

The main value the centre adds to PhDs in its field is that it brings together both students and staff that have overlapping research interests and are familiar in depth with the technical fields in which students are working. 

CEPMMA is dedicated to theoretical research and every 2-3 weeks one of the PhD students presents to the rest of the PhD students and a substantial proportion of staff of the centre, outlining his progress so far with his research and inviting feedback.  This is valuable form the student point of view.  The seminars can be held at the highly detailed level at which the students work knowing that the audience is familiar with the area and can offer intelligent comment on resolving the student’s current research concerns.

Another way the centre supports the PhD program is by providing financial assistance to students.  Several  of the students could only be recruited through funds generated by members of the centre (e.g. the HEFCE and ESRC case award).

Finally another area of support the centre provides is through the modules on DEA and Stochastic Frontier Analysis that it runs in its Performance Management Training Package mentioned above. As these modules are block delivered and provide specialist training some PhD and DBA students take the modules in preparation for their PhD research. Indeed the modules  can feature as part of the Research Methods Training Course taken by PhD and DBA students.

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research