Research areas

CICR currently interlinks three important research themes and activities:


The three research areas inter-relate because they address change and renewal, but in different ways according to the focus of the research being undertaken.

The TRANSFORMATION Project: The focus is on change management and transformation via manageable project level interventions and their subsequent diffusion within and across organisations. The Project works with the private, public and third sectors, both in the UK and internationally. Amongst a range of activities, the Project creates management tools for performance improvement, linking their use to organisational development initiatives.

Innovation and Policy Implementation: The focus here is on private and public management resilience and innovation, and the governance networks that they are part of. We have particular links with local businesses and government. The team also evaluate innovation policy experiments which reach across sectors.

Health Services Effectiveness: We have a long history in this field contributing to national level debates and policy evaluation studies. This includes developing and implementing the NHS Staff Survey between 2003 and 2010.

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research