Message from the Director

The purpose of the Centre for Innovation, Change and Renewal (CICR) is to bring together a pool of expertise to tackle a persistent problem within organisational change – much of it does not work as well as it should despite decades of research.  This is not good enough in times of global public sector austerity and private sector efficiency drives.  Austerity and efficiency inevitably mean change, if not transformation, to process, performance and, most importantly, people.  This is potentially an anxious time.  Change has to be handled sensitively.

Michael Butler

However, CICR also sees this period of change as an opportunity for renewal.  Well thought-through research can help to identify and diffuse good practices, overcome practices that hindered effective working and instil new values.  In other words, change and renewal work in a symbiotic relationship.

Our change research hub is unique in a variety of ways, we are:

  • Bridge-building:  although as a research centre we are theoretically driven, we work in partnership with practitioners to co-produce knowledge that can be applied to real world situations
  • Innovative:  we offer a full range of research methods, including pioneering ideas from a new field called ‘organisational cognitive neuroscience’ (OCN) – traditional methods are aligned to emerging methods to produce better solutions
  • Experienced:  we have a long history of influential research, which means that we can address most research projects focused on change and renewal, and, if not, link potential partners to other university experts.

I hope this message has excited you, whether you are in practice, an academic or a student.
Look at our web pages and contact us to see how we can work with you.

Dr.  Michael Butler, Director, Centre for Innovation, Change and Renewal (CICR)

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