Learning and Teaching

CICR follows good practice in learning and teaching.  Our underpinning philosophy includes:
  • Using our research as part of our teaching:  this adds value to the learning experience because students become familiar with contemporary issues and practices
  • Inquiry-based learning:  student critical thinking is developed by drawing on our empirical work with a range of organisations, in other words, students see theory in action, and learn to judge how to use different theories in different contexts
  • Reflexivity:  we continuously reflect on how to improve the student experience of learning and teaching
Many CICR staff members are actively involved in teaching on the undergraduate and postgraduate courses run by Aston Business School, although none of these courses are run specifically by CICR.  Examples of our teaching include:
  • Lectures in the ‘Strategy for Future Leaders’ and ‘International Perspectives in Organisations’ modules at undergraduate level draw on research evidence from The TRANSFORMATION Project
  • Research Methods courses at both MSc and PhD/DBA level use specimen research designs and data drawn from research projects within the Innovation and Policy Implementation and Health Services Effectiveness research streams
  • All Group Members contribute to supervising MSc dissertations and projects

We also explore new and innovative developments in learning and teaching. Dr.  John Blewitt, Co-Director on the MSc in Social Responsibility and Sustainability, argues there are many important spaces and places existing within higher education and business that can enable critical engagement and co-operation that can help fashion a more democratic society, sustainable ecological environment and vibrant and innovative enterprise.  In a webinar on 26 September 2012, he explored those spaces of hope and opportunity, both digital and physical, essential for resilience, change and innovation. New, and especially difficult times, require new thinking and new spaces for learning and development.

Learning and Teaching Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

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Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research