Centre for Innovation, Change and Renewal (CICR)

So much organisational change and project management does not work, using too many resources in a period of austerity. Existing models need to be rethought – CICR is striving to achieve this goal.

The Centre for Innovation, Change and Renewal is a research centre which focuses on organisational change across all sectors and locations, and the subsequent renewal of people, processes and performance. We deliberately link ‘change’ and ‘renewal’ because change should not just be governed by economic drivers, but also by ethical considerations such as compassion.

CICR research is measured not just by its economic impacts, but also by how it advances our understanding of the value of society and culture. Our overall aims are to drive economic development, solve society’s most urgent problems, and promote enquiry that enables a critical stance so we can generate ideas and practices about work from a humane perspective.

Research Themes

Specifically, CICR currently interlinks three important research themes and activities:

  • Change management in all sectors and locations through The TRANSFORMATION Project
  • Innovation and policy implementation
  • Health services effectiveness

CICR is multidisciplinary because we draw on different methodological approaches, selected according to their relevance for a project.  Like other research centres we use qualitative and quantitative methods, either independently or together, having experts in both research methods.  We are also pioneering the Organisational Cognitive Neuroscience (OCN) perspective, which adds a unique biological level of analysis to traditional methods.  This mixed approach will yield more information about the ‘true’ nature of change and renewal, which should lead to improved models of organisational change and project management.

CICR research is ultimately applied, though it generates theoretical contributions to build new knowledge about organisational life.  We seek to reveal, critique and improve the practice and theory of change and renewal programmes within and across organisations.  We do this through co-production research methods, by building a partnership between leading academics and practitioners.

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