The Aston Centre for Servitization Research and Practice

Servitization is about manufacturers moving away from seeing themselves just as companies that sell products, towards being providers of services that help customers to improve their own businesses.

The Aston Centre for Servitization Research and Practice combines an unmatched depth of knowledge with unrivalled industrial experience of servitization

 It is the world’s first and only centre dedicated entirely to understanding and promoting servitization within the global market, and incorporates researchers, practitioners and industry leaders who have a unique depth of knowledge and experience of the models, frameworks and practical requirements of this business model transformation for manufacturers.

 The Centre’s mission is threefold:

 Pioneer internationally leading research to develop knowledge and tools that enable servitization                                              Foster global networks of practitioners and researchers to inspire adoption of advanced services                                        Develop leaders across the globe with the skills to drive business transformation

The Centre hosts a range of European-funded research and business support projects which provide the opportunity to work alongside businesses undergoing servitization, and develop tools such as serious gaming technologies to further enable that transformation.

 All members of the Centre engage regularly with industry through in-depth longitudinal research or design and delivery of executive education and development. The year’s work within both academia and industry culminates in the annual Spring Servitization Conference, an international event hosted at Aston University which brings together leading thinkers and executives from around the world to share and develop best practice.