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Executive Education and training

With the aim of transferring latest retail research and retail insights to participating managers, ACRI offers a unique retail-focused DBA, a master-class series, as well as different networking events. 

Aston Business School is a leading institution in executive education and ACRI offers retail specialist executive training across a variety of topics. By enrolling on one of our courses, you'll gain insights into latest research on retailing strategies giving you a competitive edge.

One-day masterclasses

Setting up effective customer feedback systems is a question of following a smart rather than a “the more the merrier” approach. Workshop participants will get an introduction into the fundamentals of designing quantitative customer surveys for different needs. 

Furthermore, the workshop provides a perspective of setting up feedback systems across customer journeys and throughout the customer relationship lifecycle, so that necessary data can be gathered efficiently while at the same time be utilised for decision-making support in marketing management. 

Our expert is: Prof Christof Backhaus.

The importance of frontline employees for the success of organisations is widely recognised. However, their relevance for the innovativeness of companies resulting from their boundary-spanning role is often underestimated. 

Based on an empirical study of “idea fishing behaviours” of frontline employees in various industries, workshop participants will be provided with the conceptual background as well as a hands-on perspective on idea fishing for implementation in their businesses. 

Our expert is: Prof Christof Backhaus.

Impulse buying accounts for about 60 to 70 percent of all purchases in many retailing industries. This masterclass examines which shoppers are more prone to buying impulsively and how to encourage impulse purchases. The course deals with which retail instruments are most effective and how retailer can increase customer spending. We also discuss how retailers should deal with customer guilt after buying impulsively. 

Our expert is: Prof Markus Blut.

To facilitate efficient and effective service delivery, retailers are introducing various self-service technologies (such as self-checkouts) at an increasing pace. These technologies offer benefits to firms such as reducing labour costs. However, firms will not see the benefits unless sufficient numbers of customers adopt the technology. This masterclass discusses how retailers can influence customer acceptance of these technologies. Managers gain insights into key success factors and different customer needs when using various types of self-service technologies. 

Our expert is: Prof Markus Blut.

Participants gain insights into a novel way to attract and retain customers: inspiration. Inspiration goes far beyond traditional satisfaction-related approaches to increase customer lifetime value. It has proven to be a viable route to sustained competitive advantage in the retail industry. We discuss the phenomenon customer inspiration and how it stems from the field of general psychology. We discuss the measurement approach to capture customer inspiration and successful use of the concept of inspiration. The masterclass also covers how to implement customer inspiration into retail settings. 

Our expert is: Prof Heiner Evanschitzky.

This masterclass introduces participants to the emerging field of solution selling. We use insights and research from the B2B context and demonstrate how the concept can be applied in retailing. We cover the phenomenon of solution selling in B2B settings and translate it into a retail context. Also, we introduce a change management process to transform a traditional retailer into a solution seller. Finally, the masterclass covers how organisations can assess whether their solution selling strategy is successful. 

Our expert is: Prof Heiner Evanschitzky.

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