We work collaboratively with retail firms offering a consultancy service on retail strategy and positioning, customer relationship management, retail technologies, and employee engagement.

Some recent projects that we have worked on with retailers include:

  • Autonomy at work:  Providing clients with an in-depth understanding of the status quo of autonomy and employee work motivation, as well as its performance outcomes.
  • Customer co-creation in retailing: Assessing the possibility/feasibility to include self-service and other co-creating activities in retailing.
  • Customer preference analysis: Providing insights into consumer needs, preferences, and shopping trends.
  • Competitive positioning: Assessing the competitive landscape and development of a competitive strategy.
  • Complaint management: Assessing complaint management procedures, improving them, and implementing changes.
  • Loyalty management: Effectiveness of loyalty cards to foster true loyalty and customer lifetime value.
  • Retail technology: Assessing acceptance of novel technology in retailing and understand hindering factors to initial trial and continuous use of technology.
  • Multi-channel retailing: Assessing the customer shopping experience in multi-channel environments.
  • Store atmospherics and customer inspiration: Assessing the state of inspiration, implementing inspiration-enhancing marketing activities and tracking their effectiveness.

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