aston centre for retail insights - ABOUT HEADER

Our purpose

The Aston Centre for Retail Insights (ACRI) conducts relevant, cutting-edge research, using the latest techniques to analyse and make sense of data. 

We are conducting research in the four areas of customer insights:

  • Customer insight
  • Retail strategy
  • Retail mix
  • Service innovation and technology

SCRI has been set up to provide retail practice with:

  • research-led management insights on current challenges in retailing
  • support current and future retail leaders in their professional development
  • a hub for idea exchange, discussion and networking for stakeholders.

Furthermore, the ACRI offers services and advice to managers on relevant retail topics on an ongoing as well as ad-hoc basis. 

The ACRI will soon launch the Retail Talents Programme, an integrated 4-year educational programme to engage students and retailers in a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship. It is set out to help retail businesses select and shape our best students through placement opportunities to become future leaders in retailing, disseminate retail-specific knowledge and create and nurturing a network of retail experts. 


  • We are among the top marketing groups in the UK, with most of our research output ranked as "world leading" (4* REF).
  • With three professors, we are among the largest academic units in Europe specialising in retailing.
  • We have strong expertise in cutting-edge methodological approaches.
  • We have a proven track record of impactful research projects with high-profile organisations (e.g., Allianz SE (GER), Migros (SUI), McDonald‘s (GER) Claas KgaA (GER), Vodafone (GER); and over 150 consulting projects in total.
  • Our student body is entrepreneurially oriented
  • Aston Marketing graduates are among the world's most employable (QS Graduate Employability Rankings).
  • We offer access to a range of excellent professional development programmes.