Seminar 5 - Creativity in the Workplace



Creativity in the Workplace


26 November, 2013


Aston University


  • Giles Hirst - Monash University, Victoria, Australia

  • Kamal Birdi - The University of Sheffield





  • Fiona Patterson - City University, London

  • Eric Quintane - Insitute of Management, Switzerland

  • Rolf Van Dick - Goethe-University, Frankfurt

  • Qin Zhou - University of York





Given intentions to grow the sector, we draw on creativity research in order to bring to the fore any implications for MSBs. This session also focuses on building individual capabilities, drawing on the idea that organizational learning and innovation start with a creative idea from an employee (Crossan et al., 1999). Based on Amabile (1996) we suggest that creativity arises not only from ‘domain specific’ skills but also arise from an individual’s orientation to being creative. Debate will explore the question of whether and how organizations might foster creative thinking, by designing learning and training with this goal in mind (Birdi et al., 2009) and uncovering the workplace features that are conducive to working creatively with a view to fostering organizational innovation (Hirst et al., 2009). This session will also present an opportunity to draw together threads across the preceding sessions, by highlighting key themes that inform the emerging multilevel model.

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