Seminar 1: HRM and Innovation in Medium-Sized Businesses



HRM and Innovation in Medium-Sized Businesses: Multi-level Effects.


Monday 29th October, 2012


  09.30 - 17.00



Aston University, Birmingham, B4 7ET

G8, Main Building


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  • Professor James Guthrie- University of Kansas, US (HRM and knowledge creation)

  • Hayley Conboy, Confederation of British Industry (CBI) Speaker (MSBs are future champions) on behalf of John Cridland






  • Professor Karin Sanders – University of New South Wales, Aus (Multi-level modelling)
  • Professor James Hayton - University of Kansas, US (HRM and Entrepreneurship)

  • Dr Jane Zhao - University of Kansas, US (Motivation and Capability in New Product Development)

  • Professor Juani Swart - University of Bath Management School (HRM, Innovation and Looking Across Boundaries)





Given that MSBs towards the lower end of the growth spectrum can be staid and overreliant on a few key staff (CBI, 2011), the session will examine the question of alignment across reward and performance management, training and development and employee involvement systems, asking questions such as ‘What are the HRM mechanisms for knowledge combination and exchange such that innovation is released?’ ‘What cross level interactions are likely, taking into account individual-oriented HRM practices and collective-oriented HRM practices?’. This seminar brings together insights from knowledge-based (Smith et al., 2005; Zhao et al.,2009) and SHRM perspectives (Aryee et al., 2011).


HRM and Innovation in Medium-Sized Businesses: Multi-Level Effects

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