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Members of the Aston Centre for Human Resources are all active researchers, whose work encompasses the whole spectrum of Human Resources Management, Organisational Behaviour and Organisation Psychology topics.

Centre Member Contact details Biography/research interests 

Joint Director

Dr Michael Butler

Tel: +44(0)121 204 3053

Email: m.j.r.butler@aston.ac.uk

Michael is a multi-disciplinary researcher, who has continuously worked in top-ranked UK business and management schools. My research interests focus on change management, specifically, adapting promising management practices to enhance performance across varied organisational contexts, contributing to ideas about receptivity for change, knowledge exchange and project-based organisations.

Joint Director

Dr Nicholas Theodorakopoulos

Tel: +44(0)121 204 3472 

Email: n.theodorakopoulos@aston.ac.uk


Kathy Daniels Email: k.daniels1@aston.ac.uk

Kathy works part-time as a Teaching Fellow, a role which she combines with her continuing work as a Lay Member of Employment Tribunals, her consultancy business and her very successful publishing career.

Her main speciality area is employment law.  This changes constantly, so on a weekly basis she tracks the news, monitors Government activity and is constantly on the lookout for Employment Tribunal and Employment Appeals Tribunal as well as Higher and European court rulings that affect employment law. 

Dr Jonathan Crawshaw

Tel: +44(0)121 204 3130

Email: j.r.crawshaw2@aston.ac.uk 

Jonathon’s research passion is organisational justice, ethics and morality and he has published widely on these subjects. He is currently a Lecturer in HRM, delivering both postgraduate and undergraduate learning, and is the Programme Director for MSc HRM and Business, on which he teaches Strategic Human Resource Management and Performance and Learning Training and Development, as well as HRM on the European Masters Programme. 

Prof Pawan Budhwar

Tel: +44(0)121 204 3049

Email: p.s.budhwar@aston.ac.uk

Pawan is globally renowned for his research into the international aspects of HRM, and has held many visiting professorships worldwide.

Pawan’s research interests lie mainly in the international perspectives of HRM. He conducts the majority of his empirical work overseas, especially in India. He is currently engaged in looking at expatriate management and is particularly excited about a project on the emergence of Indian MNEs, and their HRM systems overseas.

ACPO Administrator

Jude Preston

Email: prestjac@aston.ac.uk


Other members:

  • Blewitt, John
  • Carter, Matthew
  • Davies, Ann
  • Guillaume, Yves
  • Glaister, Alison
  • Kazmi, Bahar Ali
  • Lyubovnikova, Joanne
  • Parkes, Carole
  • Sacramento, Claudia
  • Scully, Judy
  • Theodorakopoulos, Nick


Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research