Aston Centre for People and Organisations (ACPO)

ACPO is interested in understanding, identifying and improving the effectiveness of HR practices to facilitate organizational competitiveness, encourage individual growth and development and enhance performance, quality and work-related attitudes and behaviours. 

ACPO also provides a nurturing and challenging environment for developing scholars in the broader domain of HRM.

SMEs in the West Midlands attended “Transformation for Growth” on 22 September 2014 which focused on entrepreneurship and transformational change to unlock business growth potential.

Transformation for Growth from Tinker Taylor on Vimeo.

Latest News

  • Download Seminar Feedback from participants in a Word document. 
  • We recently conducted informal interviews with key ACPO members to discuss the various projects being pursued by the team. Follow this link to discover more about their work

  • There is a growing imperative for HRM to take account of organizations’ need to innovate and this is reflected in research carried out in the Centre. The Centre received a recent award from the ESRC (£15,000) for a seminar series in conjunction with Warwick and Lancaster universities exploring the role of people management practice in shaping organizational innovation with a specific focus on medium-sized businesses. 

  • A primary focus of the Centre is strategic and international HRM.  ACHR makes a distinctive impact, with Centre members being regularly approached by media sources including the BBC, ITV and Radio 1 and Times magazine about topics like the global economic crisis and its impact on Asian economies.  Centre member have been shortlisted for awards like the ‘Asian Jewel Award’ (2007) (sponsored by Lloyds TSB) and the ‘Glory of India’ award – 2010 (by Indian International Friendship Society).

  • Centre members also examine role of ethics, social responsibility and sustainability in business, with recent research looking at the role of human resources in corporate social responsibility and the factors that contribute to the creation of ethical organisations.

  • As well as high level publications in HR and OB-related journals including the Journal of Applied Psychology, Human Resource Management Journal and Management Learning, Centre members also have significant guest editorial activities, including: Budhwar, Davis & Parkes (The global challenge of HRM) International Journal of HRM (Forthcoming); Sanders, K., Shipton, H. & Gomez, J.  (Forthcoming). ‘The HRM Process Perspective’ Human Resource Management (US) (Special Issue) and Crawshaw, J., Cropanzano, R., Bell, C & Nadisic, T. (Eds.) (Forthcoming) Organisational justice and behavioural ethics: new perspectives on workplace fairness. Human Relations (Special Issue). We have recently been given enthusiastic endorsement for a book proposal entitled: ‘Strategic Human Resource Management: Challenges and Practice’, published by Sage.  Centre members as well as close collaborators are involved with producing the book, which will be complete during the academic year 2012- 2013.