Aims & Objectives

The aims of the Indian Foundation are two-fold:

  • To create knowledge by identifying new trends and synergies within existing data sets as well as by conducting new research, consultancy and support initiatives.
  • To disseminate to the wider environment (at local, national and international level) the evidence being derived from the Foundation’s research to inform thinking and influence practice.

Its main objectives include:

  • To work collaboratively with colleagues both within and outside Aston University to promote the visibility and profile of India-related business research at Aston University.
  • To disseminate our key findings within the practitioner community and provide a wide range of consultancy and networking services for corporations in India or with interests in India. Such services will help businesses to operate in India, and develop best practice for the Indian context. Services are also available to help Indian companies to set up operations in the UK, and to provide networking collaborations and partnerships between Indian companies and foreign organisations.
  • To share our findings and to promote networking and collaborations with scholars from across the globe in order to facilitate new research initiatives and to build upon our existing profile.
  • To publish our research in nationally and internationally recognized academic and practitioners' journals.
  • To present key findings in both scholarly and practitioner-oriented books and also at significant academic and practitioner-oriented conferences.
  • To regularly generate research funding by applying for grants and through presenting a clear focus for India-related business research and drawing upon the expertise of members whose work is widely recognised in the domain.
  • To provide a nurturing and challenging environment for developing scholars in the broader domain of business and management research, both for PhD students and for new researchers seeking to develop expertise in the area.
  • Develop a comprehensive data bank/ library with possible relevant resources such as intervention tools, metrics, exercises, cases, syllabi, etc based on our and others/existing sources.
  • Develop and offer a series of programmes and modules to MDP and MDC based on the expertise of colleagues working in the foundation.
  • To run a successful India seminar series.

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research