Research Projects

research projects

Current Projects

  • Informal networks
  • Abusive supervision
  • Employee voice & engagement
  • Recovery and performance
  • Innovation and indigenous practices

Selected Past Projects 

  • Energy harvest: Commercial level implementation of agri-waste to energy in rural India through business case development, Oglesby Charitable Trust funded. Completed 2015.  
  • Developing low carbon small and medium-sized enterprises through lean and green manufacturing for improving business performance, Funding body: UKIERI, British Council.  Completed in 2015. 
  • Staff mobility funding for pursuing research on ‘sustainability of supply chain of manufacturing organizations’ between the UK and non-European countries, Jadavpur University, India, Asian Institute of Technology, and University of Thai Chamber of Commerce, Thailand, Erasmus Plus EU funding. Completed 2015.
  • India-UK scientific seminar on Sustainable Energy recovery from waste biomass, Royal Society funded project. Completed 2015.
  • Augmentation of agro-waste to energy project in India, Funded by Tata Trust, India. Completed 2015.
  • Climate change issues and environmental performance of Indian small and medium sized enterprises, in collaboration with Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India, Under Innovation partnership, UKIERI, British Council. Completed 2015.
  • Municipal solid waste to energy: Decision Support System for supply chain design, in collaboration with Jadavpur University, National Institute of Technology, Trichi, India, UKIERI, British Council, Under thematic partnership. Completed 2015.
  • Bio-energy: Technology and business solution to the UK and India – Research Council, UK and Department of Science and Technology, India funded project under Science Bridge in collaboration with School of Engineering and Applied Science and Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India. Completed 2013.
  • Business models and commercial scale implementation of bioenergy plant in Northern India, in collaboration with School of Engineering and Applied Science and Indian Institute of Technology, Roper, Funding: Oglesby charitable Trust. Completed 2013.
  • Human Resource Management and Internal Marketing in Indian Call Centres, ESRC funded. Completed 2010.

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