Key research areas for the Aston Centre for Research into International Entrepreneurship and Business 

1. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

  • Determining the links between FDI, firm productivity and firm performance
  •  Investigating the link between firms propensity to undertake certain types of FDI, (the quality and stability of) institutions and development, and the links between institutions in home and recipient countries.
  • Understanding the importance  and quantifying the impact of FDI in the host and home countries in terms of employment, output, productivity and innovation
  • Industrial policy and FDI, and the role of FDI in regional development.
  • Analysing the extent of the impact of tax haven FDI on firm level performance and economic activity in the real economy

2. International Strategy and Business Development in Emerging Market Economies

  • Strategic management and governance of international firms and multinational enterprises
  • Business development and corporate political activities in emerging economies 
  • Qualitative, process-based and historical approaches to international organizations        

3.  Comparative entrepreneurship: Investigating social and commercial entrepreneurship across nations 

  • Distinguishing between high-growth entrepreneurship and self-employment and identifying the different processes underpinning each
  • Understanding the interplay and impact of informal (culture) and formal institutions, and distinguishing between constitutional and regulatory level formal institutions
  • Investigating social entrepreneurship in different contexts
  • Focusing on informality in emerging market economies; analysis of the latter requires different theory frameworks compared with work on advanced market economies

4. The internationalization of entrepreneurial firms

  • Developmental entrepreneurship in Africa
  • Determinants of exporting of SMEs and high-growth firms
  • Different modes of internationalization in relation to firm performance