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ACRIEB members Prof Tomasz Mickiewicz and Dr Yama Temouri published joint work with Nigel Driffield in the Journal of World Business (ABS 4) titled “Ownership control of foreign affiliates: A property rights theory perspective”. You can access their paper here

Prof Ute Stephan gave a keynote lecture at the 8th International Social Innovation Research Conference held in Glasgow, September 5-8, 2016. The keynote discussed social entrepreneurship and positive social change, and can be downloaded here


ACRIEB member Prof Jun Du published "Explaining intermittent exporting: Exit and conditional re-entry in export markets" the prestigious ABS4* Journal of International Business Studies. Read Jun’s paper here

In addition, ACRIEB members delivered a total of 8 presentations and 3 Professional Development Workshops at the prestigious Academy of Management Annual Meeting, August 5-9th, Anaheim, California – the largest gathering of management scholars worldwide. 

Tax Haven Networks and the Role of the Big 4 Accountancy Firms 

Author: Chris Jones, Aston U. 
Author: Yama Temouri, Aston U. 
Author: Alex Cobham, Tax Justice Network

Firms’ Innovation Objectives and Knowledge Acquisition Strategies: A Comparative Analysis 

Author: Stephen Roper, Warwick Business 
Author: James Love, Warwick Business School 
Author: Bettina Becker, Aston Business School 

How Regional Institutions Influence Entrepreneurial Investment: The Role of Financing Constraints 

Author: Bach Duy Nguyen, Aston Business School 
Author: Jun Du, Aston Business School

Institutional Change and Entrepreneurship: The Impact of Political Institutional Change 

Author: Muntasir Shami, Aston Business School
Author: Tomasz Marek Mickiewicz, Aston Business School
Author: Ute Stephan, Aston Business School

Business Planning and Business Creation: A Four Country Assessment 

Author: Diana Hechavarria, U. of South Florida 
Author: Li Tian, Nankai U. 
Author: Paul D Reynolds, Aston U.

To Ask or not to Ask? How Entrepreneurs Manage the Feedback-seeking Paradox 

Author: Andreana Drencheva, The U. of Sheffield 
Author: Ute Stephan, Aston Business School 
Author: Malcolm Patterson, The U. of Sheffield 
Author: Anna Topakas, The U. of Sheffield

How Entrepreneurs Influence Employees’ Job Satisfaction: The Double- edged Sword of Proactivity 

Author: Ute Stephan, Aston Business School 
Author: Karoline Strauss, ESSEC Business School 
Author: Dominika Wach, Technische U. Dresden 
Author: Marjan Gorgievski, Erasmus U. Rotterdam

Bringing the State back in:How Hybrid Organizations Navigate Plurality in Institutional Environments 

Author: Emma Catharina Folmer, Aston U. 
Author: Ute Stephan, Aston Business School

ACRIEB members  (co-)organized and contributed to the following three Professional Development Workshops (PDWs)

Entrepreneurship Under Adverse Conditions, Entrepreneurship under adverse

Organizer: Maija Renko, U. of Illinois at Chicago 
Organizer: Amanda Bullough, U. of Delaware 
Organizer: Ute Stephan, Aston Business School
Organizer: Friederike Welter, IfM Bonn / U. of Siegen 

Speaker: Ted Baker, Rutgers U. 
Speaker: Michael Frese, National U. of Singapore 
Speaker: Susanna Khavul, UTA/LSE 
Speaker: Geoffrey Kistruck, Schulich School of Business 
Speaker: Tomasz Marek Mickiewicz, Aston Business School 
Speaker: Paul D Reynolds, Aston U. 
Speaker: Justin W. Webb, U. of North Carolina, Charlotte

Emergence of Meaningful Organizations: Panel Study of Entrepreneurial Dynamics (PSED) Program Update

Organizer: Paul D Reynolds, Aston U. 
Chair: Per Davidsson, Queensland U. of Technology 
Presenter: Kim Klyver, U. of Southern Denmark 
Presenter: Pia Arenius, Hanken School of Economics 
Presenter: Gry Agnete Alsos, Nord U. Business School 
Presenter: Heiko Bergmann, U. of St. Gallen 
Presenter: David Urbano, Autonomous U. of Barcelona 
Presenter: Tomasz Marek Mickiewicz, Aston Business School 
Presenter: Casey Jonathan Frid, Pace U. 
Discussant: Friederike Welter, IfM Bonn / U. of Siegen 
Discussant: Richard Curtin, U. of Michigan, Ann Arbor 
Discussant: Tiantian Yang, Duke U.

AMP Showcase Session: Underdogs, Misfits and Weirdos: Entrepreneurship and Mental Health, Entrepreneurs & Mental Health

Organizer: Dimo Dimov, U. of Bath 
Organizer: Isabella Hatak, U. of Twente 
Organizer: Phillip H Phan, The John Hopkins U. 
Organizer: Johan Wiklund, Syracuse U. 
Presenter: Brian C. Gunia, The John Hopkins U. 
Presenter: Keith Hmieleski, Texas Christian U. 
Presenter: Daniel Lerner, U. de Deusto 
Presenter: Andreas Rauch, U. of Groningen 
Presenter: Dean A. Shepherd, Indiana U. 
Presenter: Ute Stephan, Aston Business School 
Presenter: Wei Yu, Syracuse U.


Prof. Ute Stephan published in the Journal of Business Venturing (ABS 4). The work with Saurav Pathak titled “Beyond cultural values? Cultural leadership ideals and entrepreneurship’ can be downloaded here

Prof. Tomasz Mickiewicz published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Management (ABS 3). The joint work with Kumar Bhaumik, University of Sheffield and Saul Estrin, London School of Economics is titled “Ownership identity, strategy and performance: business group affiliates versus independent firms in India” and can be downloaded here


Centre members publish important viewpoints. 

Dr. Agelos Delios published a timely piece on Brexit in the Conversation titled ‘Two big flaws in the Economists for Brexit plan’. Read it here.

Dr. Chris Jones with Nigel Driffield and Jo Crotty published an analysis of the tobacco industry and smoking bans. Read it here.

Prof. Ute Stephan together with Dr. Marjan Gorgivski, Erasmus University Rotterdam edited a special in Applied Psychology: An international Review (ABS 3) titled ‘Advances in the Psychology”. As part of the special issue they published a review of the Psychology of Entrepreneurship literature. The special issue can be found here and the review here.


ACRIEB is hosting Prof Lorraine Uhlaner EDHEC Business School, France, an international expert on family business entrepreneurship in May. Please join us for Prof. Uhlaner’s talk “Responsible Ownership in the Family Firm: A Research Agenda and latest Findings” on May 5th, 1-2pm in the Council Room (VC Corridor).

ACRIEB members Professors Tomasz Mickiewicz and Ute Stephan published in the Journal of Business Venturing (ABS 4). The joint work with Prof Saul Estrin, London School of Economics is titled “Human Capital in Social and Commercial Entrepreneurship “ and can be downloaded here.


Three ACRIEB members recognized through best paper awards! Congratulations to Dr Yama Temouri, Dr Chris Jones and Prof Ute Stephan.

  • Chris and Yama won “The Research in International Business and Finance Prize for the best paper which examines a topic in International Finance from an International Business perspective” at the AIB-UK chapter conference at Birkbeck/London April 7-9, 2016.
  • Ute’s paper on Institutions and Social Entrepreneurship[SU3] ’ was one of four papers to be highly commended for the 2015 GLOBE Best Research Paper Award. The paper is co-authored by Professor Lorraine Uhlaner (EDHEC Business School, France) and Dr Chris Stride (University of Sheffield) and appeared 2015 in the Journal of International Business Studies (ABS 4*).

Prof Ute Stephan delivered the keynote “Successful Social Entrepreneurship: Pathways to Social Change” at the International Symposium on Social Entrepreneurship (ISSE) in Singapore on April 22nd. ISSE was attended by over 250 entrepreneurs and academics from around the world.


Congratulations to Chris for this new publication in the British Journal of Management (ranked ABS 4):

Jo Crotty, Nigel Driffield and Chris Jones (2016). Regulation as Country-Specific (Dis-)Advantage: Smoking Bans and the Location of Foreign Direct Investment in the Tobacco Industry. British Journal of Management, DOI: 10.1111/1467-8551.12161. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/1467-8551.12161/abstract


We are hiring! See our opening for a Lecturer in Entrepreneurship (equivalent to Assistant Professor)

http://jobs.aston.ac.uk/Vacancy.aspx?ref=R160039 (closing date 13 March 2016)


Professor Ute Stephan attended the Expert workshop on ‘Strategies and Policies to Scale-up the Impact of Social Enterprises’ on 17 December in Brussels. The workshop was co-hosted by the European Commission DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion and the OECD. She also provided input into the forthcoming OCED policy brief on scaling social enterprises.


New publications from ACRIEB members (see also our publication section). Congratulations to Stephanie and Ute.

Decker, S., Kipping, M., & Wadhwani, R. D. (2015). New Business Histories! Plurality in business history research methods. Business History, 57 (1) 30-40.

Wach, D., Stephan, U., & Gorgievski, M. (2015). More than money: Developing an integrative multi-factorial measure of entrepreneurial success. International Small Business Journal, doi: 10.1177/0266242615608469.


Congratulations to Jun and Tomasz for their publication in the Journal of Business Venturing on entrepreneurship in China

Du, Jun & Mickiewicz, Tomasz (2015). Subsidies, rent seeking and performance: Being young, small or private in China, Journal of Business Venturing, http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0883902615000622


Congratulations to Chris and Yama for their new publication in the Journal of World Business!

Jones, C. & Temouri,Y. (2015). The determinants of tax haven FDI, Journal of WorldBusiness, 



Professor David Bailey and colleagues published an EU policy report on Industrial and innovation policy as drivers of change, see here.

ACRIEB members presented new research at the Annual Academy of Management Conference (AoM) in Vancouver in the beginning of August. The AoM is the largest gathering of management and business scholars worldwide.

  • “Are financing constraints really obstacles for economic growth of developing countries: theory and evidence from Vietnam ” Bach Duy Nguyen and Jun Du.

  • "Employment effects of FDI in hot labour markets:a cross-country analysis",Bettina Becker (Aston Business School), Nigel Driffield(Warwick Business School), Sandra Lancheros (University of Nottingham)and James H Love(Warwick Business School)

  • “Human Capital, Social and Commercial Entrepreneurship: The Role of Gender and Institutions”, Saul Estrin (LSE), Tomasz Mickiewicz (Aston Business School) and Ute Stephan (Aston Business School)