Members have worked on a number of engagement and impact projects with significant impact, stemming from two ESRC projects: “who really gains from inward investment” and “FDI, governance, and firm performance”. The policy shift has been in changing the question that local and national policy makers ask from “in what sectors can we attract inward investment” to “in what sectors are the benefits of inward investment greatest”. The impact journey for this work then proceeded through the evaluation on Regional Selective Assistance used to target inward investors, two seminars at UKTI / BIS on which firms they should target in terms of boosting not merely employment but productivity in the UK, and a report for the Department for Transport on how the benefits of inward investment are related to transport infrastructure.

Bailey’s work on dealing with disinvestment and plant closures led on to work for the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills on preparing a toolkit for Local Enterprise Partnerships in dealing with economic shocks, and his work in this area has been presented at DG Regio and the European Commission. Aston hosted a policy workshop on dealing with shocks for the Government of South Australia in 2015 given automotive plant closures in Australia. His work on industrial policy and regional development saw him appointed in 2014 as an external expert for the European Commission in assessing Ireland’s Smart Specialisation (S3) strategy (2014). His work on industrial policy through the WWWforEurope programme has seen recent presentations at the European Commission (2014), the OECD (2014) and the World Bank (2015).  

Read the new Policy Report published by Prof David Bailey and colleagues: Industrial and innovation policy as drivers of change

David Bailey, Lisa De Propris and Jurgen Janger. 2015. Industrial and Innovation Policy as Drivers of Change, WWWforEurope Policy Report, August 2015. http://www.foreurope.eu/fileadmin/documents/pdf/Deliverables/WWWforEurope_DEL_no09_D306.1.pdf

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