Working with us

Theoretical and Methodological Expertise

The ACCIS team brings a range of important theoretical and methodological expertise that can be used in interdisciplinary research projects, including:
  • Network learning approaches will enable us to analyse how critical infrastructure service networks are held together and how they learn, as an inter-organizational network, about a range of issues from regulation to sustainability to consumer service.

  • Econometric modelling of markets, industry structures, and firm performance. In particular, we are able to evaluate different regulatory mechanisms and market-based incentive structures in terms of their effectiveness on different performance measures such as efficiency, competition, infrastructure investment, environmental performance, and social inclusion.

  • Critical and Quantitative analysis of the intended and unintended consequences of performance measurement, incentive based regulation, and accounting systems, both on industry structures and in relation to organizational responses to policies and to incentive mechanisms.

  • Political science and sociological analyses of policy formation will enable us to understand how and why particular policy decisions are made and the implications of those decision processes. In particular, we can study the processes of policy learning at the interface between those who provide the relevant knowledge and those who make policy decisions in infrastructure industries.

  • Sociological approaches to strategy and management within these industries, including how the discursive actions, interactions and negotiations between actors enable or constrain their ability to cope with competing infrastructure demands.

  • Practice-theory approaches that enable us to theorize industry and management practice and provide practical advice on the implications and consequences of the tools employed and the practical repertoires used within these industries.

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research