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This is a new working papers series.  Abstracts are available for each of the papers listed, please click on the links to view.  Full versions of papers are available where indicated, although as some of the papers listed are still under review they are not yet available in their full version.


A dialectical process model for coping with oppositional tensions in organizations
Paula Jarzabkowski, Jane Lê (née Matthiesen), Andrew Van de Ven


Toward a Theory of Coordinating: Creating Coordinating Mechanisms in Practice
Paula Jarzabkowski, Jane Lê (née Matthiesen), Martha Feldman

Does Formal Independence Matter? Measuring Regulatory Interdependence in networks: The Case of Telecoms Sector in Egypt 
Ahmed Badran

Keeping it real: Material objects and risk appraisal
Paul Spee, Paula Jarzabkowski, Michael Smets

Steering the Regulatory State: The Rationale behind the Creation and Diffusion of Independent Regulatory Agencies in Liberalized Utility Sectors in the Developing Countries: Thoughts and Reflections on the Egyptian Case
Ahmed Badran

The Potential of the Network Approach for Analysing Regulations and Regulatory Processes: Empirical Examples from the Egyptian Telecommunication Sector
Ahmed Badran
International Journal of Politics and Good Governance, Volume 2, No. 2.1 Quarter 1 2011, ISSN: 0976 - 1195

Economies of Integration in the English and Welsh Water Only Companies and the Assessment of Alternative Unbundling Policies
David S. Saal, Pablo Arocena, Alexandros Maziotis

The Cost Implications of Alternative Vertical Configurations of the English and Welsh Water and Sewerage Industry
David S. Saal, Pablo Arocena, Alexandros Maziotis

Regulatory Price Performance, Excess Cost Indexes and Profitability: How Effective is Price Cap Regulation in the Water Industry?
Alexandros Maziotis, David S. Saal, Emmanuel Thanassoulis

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