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IRUA Conference Bermuda 3-4 April 2011

Paula Jarzabkowski spoke at the conference of the Intermediaries & Reinsurance Underwriters Assoc., speaking at dinner on the Monday night and joining a panel the following day to discuss the IICI report Trading Risk: The value of relationship, models and face-to-face interaction in a global reinsurance market.

ACCIS Water Workshop 10 February 2011

ACCIS held a Workshop on Water Industry Restructuring and Competition on Thursday 10 February 2011 focusing on the current debate about the restructuring and regulatory reform of the water sector in England and Wales.  Read report and download presentations 
See Utility Week article (9 March 2011) about the workshop

ACCIS and CCRP Workshop 11 February 2011

The Centre for Competition and Regulatory Policy Winter Workshop, organised jointly with the Regulatory Policy Institute, and the Aston Centre for Critical Infrastructure and Services (ACCIS) took place at Aston Business School in Birmingham on 11 February 2011.  Further information.

ACCIS International Workshop 23 November 2010 - Researching the transition towards a low carbon society

ACCIS ran a workshop on the theme of "Researching the transition towards a low carbon society" at Aston University on 23 November 2010.  The one-day workshop focused on issues related to the transition to a low carbon society such as renewable energy provision, transformation of infrastructures, smart grids and other.  Speakers included Fred Steward, Heiko Gebauer, John Grin, Boelie Elzen, Olivier Coutard and Keith Baker.  Click here for workshop report.

Insurance Intellectual Capital Initiative (IICI) Releases First Report

Trading Risk: The value of relationships, models and face-to-face interaction in a global reinsurance market analyses the strengths and weaknesses of the reinsurance underwriting and broking practices of the Lloyd's and Bermuda marketplaces.  Click here to read the news release, or download the PDF of the report.

The Hartwell Paper

The Hartwell Paper, a new international report published in May 2010, calls for a radically different approach to climate policy.  Reiner Grundmann is one of the co-authors.  For more information, visit The Hartwell Paper website.

CSI Seminar 16 June 2010

Dr Reiner Grundmann spoke at the Centre for Sustainability and Innovation Seminar at Aston University on 16th June 2010 on the theme of After the failure in Copenhagen: which way forward for climate policy?  For more information contact Dr Reiner Grundmann r.grundmann@aston.ac.uk

ESRC Research Seminar 22 June 2010

There was an ESRC Research Seminar at Aston University on 22nd June 2010 on the theme of Collaborative Futures: new Insights from Intra and Inter-Sectoral Collaborations.  For more information contact Dr Louise Knight l.knight2@aston.ac.uk

Past events

Workshop: ACCIS and Centre for Competition and Regulation Policy summer workshop

Aston Business School // 9-10 July 2009

Summary: The workshop brought together academics and practitioners working in the areas of competition and regulation in order to discuss theoretical, empirical and case study oriented work, in the following areas:
  • Economic regulation of infrastructure industries (including for example: Telecoms, Electricity and other infrastructure industries such as airports, postal services, etc)
  • Environmental regulation and climate change policy
  • General and industry/market specific competition policy issues
  • Boundaries and overlaps between economic regulation, environmental regulation, and competition policy for utilities and networks

CCRP Call for Papers >>

We gratefully acknowledge Aston University for funding this event.

Workshop: Network Industry Policy: Who decides?

Aston Business School // 12 March 2009

Summary. This workshop explored the crucial (and contentious) issue of policymaking that provides both public and shareholder value in infrastructure industries. Specifically, it looked at the role of industry, government, regulatory bodies and academia in forming and implementing policy. Policy formation is a critical issue because network industries such as energy, rail, telecoms and water are high impact industries: (1) they perform or are perceived to perform a public service, even so that they are responsible to shareholders and stock markets, (2) they are dependent on significant core infrastructure, which cannot easily be replicated or replaced but demands continuous investment, and (3) every UK resident and business is directly impacted by at least one of these industries. As such, these industries have a large impact on the UK economy and society. Given these considerations, infrastructure industries provide a core context in which to advance knowledge and offer real world value.

Speakers. Paul Golby (CEO of e.on UK), Colin Church (M.D. BRE, BERR), Tony Collins (CEO of Virgin Trains), George Day (Director of Network Regulation, Ofwat), and Professor George Yarrow (Regulatory Policy Institute).

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More information about the Workshop >>

We gratefully acknowledge the Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC) and the Advanced Institute of Management (AIM) as funding this event as part of the “Festival of Social Science”.

Network Industries: Economic Regulation in Practice

Aston Business School // 20 June 2008

Summary. Regulated network industries face critical challenges about investment in infrastructure, technological innovation, regulatory change, rising prices and security of supply. This workshop aimed to establish an agenda for addressing these challenges for stakeholders across the energy, rail, telecoms and water sectors. It encouraged cross-industry fertilisation by bringing together key policy, trade, academic and industry people to identify key issues for improving regulatory outcomes. Discussion and development of a research agenda was stimulated by a series of keynote presentations focusing on how to make regulation work in practice.

Speakers. Professor Julia King (Vice Chancellor of Aston University), Peter McCarthy-Ward (Director of Equivalence, BT), Chris Bolt (Chairman of the Office of Rail Regulation), Paula Jarzabkowski & Jane Matthiesen (Aston Business School), Andrew van der Lem (Director, BRE, BERR), Round table presentation

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We gratefully acknowledge Aston University for funding this event.

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