Aston Centre for Critical Infrastructure and Services (ACCIS)

ACCIS is focused on developing Aston University into a centre of excellence for cutting edge research into the challenges of critical infrastructure service industries, which attracts funding for leading researchers and students, supports the practical needs of industry and impacts upon policy at the regional, national and international level. It will emphasize research that addresses current and future challenges for industries that provide the critical infrastructure services upon which regional and national stability and economic growth are based, such as energy, transport, water and telecoms.

The Centre will deliver innovative research programmes that engage with industry, policy-makers and community groups in answering the big questions on:
  • competition, regulation and their consequences at firm and market levels
  • the implications of political, environmental and social inclusion agendas upon policy formation and implementation
  • sustainability and technological innovation in infrastructure industries

The Centre aims to grow into a key forum for exchanges of information and sharing of best practice between leading academics, industry leaders, policy-makers and consumer groups at the regional, national and international level.

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research