Aston Centre for Critical Infrastructure and Services

ACCIS is a collaborative interdisciplinary research centre at Aston University, set up in 2009, and bringing together academics from a variety of disciplines.  ACCIS's group members come from Aston Business School, the School of Engineering and Applied Science, and the School of Languages and Social Sciences.  Drawing on the diverse specialisms and experience of its team, ACCIS delivers cutting edge research into the challenges of critical infrastructure services industries such as energy, transport, water and telecoms.  Read more ....

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ACCIS runs events that bring together leading academics, policy makers and industry practitioners.  Read more about events


ACCIS has three principal research areas - competition and regulation, the implications of political, environmental and social inclusion agendas on policy formation and implementation, and sustainability and technological innovation.  Read more about research areas and research projects.


ACCIS is developing a new Working Papers series, also see research papers and publications related to ACCIS research themes.


Watch the ACCIS vodcast

Senior representatives from leading water companies and partner organisations from across the UK came together for a one-day ACCIS Water Workshop.  Read more

IICI Report released - Trading Risk: The value of relationships, models and face-to-face interaction in a global reinsurance market.  Read the news release or download the PDF.

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