Research Centres

Our Research Centres have each been established as a platform from which we respond to emerging research topics. They foster a sharpened focus on specific areas of enquiry and promote increased visibility and impact for our research. Proposals for new Research Centres follow a prescribed approvals process and each Centre undergoes a formal review every three years.

Enterprise Research Centre (ERC) (Aston Business School and Warwick Business School)

The ERC is an independent research centre which conducts policy relevant research on SME growth and development.

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Advanced Services Group (ASG)

Servitization is about manufacturers moving away from seeing themselves just as companies that sell products, towards being providers of services that help customers to improve their own businesses. 

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Aston Centre for Retail Insights (ACRI)

The ACRI conducts relevant, cutting-edge research, using the latest techniques to analyse and make sense of data. Research is being conducted in the four areas of customer insights, retail strategy, retail mix, and retail/service innovation & technology.

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Lloyds Banking Group Centre for Business Prosperity (LBBP)

The objective of the Centre is to enhance understanding of what affects UK economic performance at the level of the individual, the firm, the region, the industrial sector and the nation overall, within global comparative perspectives.

Technological revolution has dramatically increased productivity and improved welfare for the society. However, the implications of such progress on industrial change, labour and wage, and their distributions across groups of individuals, businesses, and regions are far from being clear. On the one hand, technology and automation undoubtedly improved productive efficiency and led to more labour training and skill upgrading. On the other hand, labour saving by technological advancement help keeping labour cost low which may discourage investments in labour-saving technology,hence potentially reducing productivity growth.This technology-productivity paradox is of key significance to the UK economy and closely relevant to the research themes of the LBBP.

Centre Director: Jun Du

Cross-Disciplinary Research Centres

Cross-disciplinary Research Centres span disciplinary boundaries to enable focused and collaborative research with other Schools of Study at Aston University:

Aston Indian Centre for Applied Research (AICAR)

The Aston Indian Centre for Applied Research (AICAR) brings together the expertise of world-renowned academics and practitioners to carry out cutting edge research and provide consultancy that is directly relevant to today’s dynamic business environment. 

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European Bioenergy Research Institute (EBRI)

EBRI delivers World-class research into all aspects of bioenergy, ranging from fundamental research through development, to deployment of innovative technologies, in collaboration with industry.

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