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The Aston Behavioural Insights Group helps your organisation take the first steps to applying social psychology at work. We focus on the emergence of the Social Brain, its implications for business, your workplace and how you can benefit from insights to create better relationships with customers.

Understand consumer behaviour
Bespoke workshops
Improve communications
Break out of silos

Insights by research, not opinion.

Depending on your needs, the Aston Behavioural Insights Programme can be delivered as consultancy, coaching, training or as an education initiative.

A session will give you the latest insights from the field of behavioural insights to design, develop and enhanced aspects of company culture, from workplace experience, to marketing, productivity, performance and innovation. A typical workshop will give you access to:

  • Latest research from social psychology, and expertise in translating key principles to benefit individuals, work teams, and organisations.
  • Research-led training on the latest tips, tricks and techniques to enable opportunity, empowerment, and innovation. 
  • Understanding of the behavioural processes that underlie our ability to harness potential, and the insights that can help us achieve goals, aims and aspirations.  

Get the behavioural insights to build organisational confidence, think collaboratively and achieve goals.

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Richard Crisp
Professor Richard Crisp, programme director and author of The Social Brain and Social Psychology: A Very Short Introduction

We help organisations improve internal and external communications, build a sense of inclusion, and foster trust and participation amongst staff.

Get in touch and we’ll help you take the first steps to breaking down workplace silos and the psychological barriers to the growth.

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