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    We've been conducting pioneering research into modern business and management issues for over 60 years, making us one of the longest established, research-based business schools in the UK. We’re committed to generating research that makes a sustainable difference to people, organisations and economies.
    Our collaborative approach makes sure that we focus on applied research that contributes to business excellence, successful policies and sustainable economic growth. Our researchers develop tools and interventions that deliver tangible commercial benefits, making a lasting contribution to business and management success.
    Our PhD in Management is designed to train students inspired to become future academics or professional industry researchers. Our Executive DBA offers an opportunity for leaders to work at the interface of advanced research and business to make unique and powerful breakthroughs in understanding how we can develop effective organisations.
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    Latest Research News 

    Immigrants more entrepreneurial than Britons 

    Handshake - GEM report 2017

    Ethnic minority and immigrant backgrounds are twice as likely to be entrepreneurs than white British.Read more here.

    Three more years of enterprise research announced 

    ERC 3 years

    ERC has secured a further three years’ funding to research UK entrepreneurship and SME growth. Read more here.

    Business growth shows Brexit 'crunch spots'

    Business Growth

    Brexit’s threat to burgeoning small firms in Northern Ireland and less dynamic areas of UK highlighted in latest UK SME report. Read more here.

    ‘Digital dividend’ productivity boost for UK’s micro firms

    ERC PR June

    The largest ever study of  micro-businesses, conducted by the ERC puts hard numbers on the effect digital adoption can have on productivity for the smallest firms. Read more here.