Subuola Akinkube

Programme: Business and Management
Year of study: 2

It wasn’t until a friend recommended Aston Business School to me and I read a prospectus that I realised how impressive Aston Business School was.  I knew that they specialised in business and so I did some internet research and saw how highly they were ranked.  Other factors such as the placement year and the fact that it is situated so close to the city centre were also important factors in my decision to choose Aston.

Fresher’s Week was really good, I made friendships on the first day, which have continued and there is a really nice friendly atmosphere here.

Subuola Akinkube
Subuola Akinkube

 The facilities at Aston are great and allow for a wide variety of activities both academic and social. I eat at the Guild regularly and the copyshop and bank are very useful.  The Loft is a great place to relax and serves non-alcoholic drinks and the Presentation Room is a good place for practising presentations.

The Common First Year is very important, as students learn about a range of subjects and don’t just specialise in one field, which means that I am more ‘business aware’. We study twelve modules in the first Year but some universities only offer three or four subjects, so this wider range is more challenging.

This broad range of knowledge prepares you for the second year and it was during this time that I realised how amazing it is here.  Aston is a small University with a big impact and is recognised as a leading business school by employers. Whenever I am at assessment centres for placement interviews and I mention Aston Business School employers instantly recognise the name. Being an Aston student really gives you that edge!

Studying here will make it easier to find a job when I graduate as Aston Business School has great links with the business world. The school’s reputation will impact on my career and give my degree added value.

The best things about living on campus are the friendliness and convenience .  There are washing facilities and a TV lounge for example, which was a very good place to meet friends when I was in First year!  The whole place feels like a family unit and I have never had any problems on campus as there is plenty of security around and it is really safe.

The highlight of my time at Aston University so far would be making friends and meeting lots of different types of people.  Going to University away from home has made me embrace change. This will help with my future career plans as I’ll be able to adapt to new situations and be comfortable working anywhere in the country.

When applying to University I would advise students to really consider the degree you are applying for.  Look at the modules and make sure you know what you will be studying.  Also, make the most of the opportunities given to you!  Personal development is important and useful when applying for jobs.

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