Qiao Yu

Programe: Accounting For Management 
Year of study: 1

The main reason I chose to study at Aston Business School is that I want to get CIMA accreditation after my degree. I checked to see how many exemptions Aston’s course had and it was really high compared to other universities. Aston was the top university which I could apply to as an NCUK student and Aston’s Business degrees have a great reputation.

On my first day I arrived with loads of luggage and there were lots of friendly Aston Aunties to help me carry everything and show me where I needed to go.

Qiao Yu
Qiao You

 During the first week there were lots of activities organised by the Students Guild, which was a great opportunity to make lots of friends and helped me to settle in quickly.

I went back home to China at Christmas and told everyone at my old school how good Aston Business School is. Although the campus is small you don’t have to get a bus or travel across the city for lectures so you save lots of time. Birmingham city centre is really convenient as it’s within walking distance and it’s really good for shopping!

I really like the accommodation and Lakeside is great because you have your own bathroom. I’ve taken lots of pictures whilst I’ve been here to show people back home as the campus is beautiful and it is something which Chinese students are interested in.

One of the best things about studying at Aston Business School is that the lecturers are really well qualified and I come out of lectures with lots of new information to think about. The knowledge I have gained will set me up for life!

In the third year I’m hoping for a placement job in the UK. I have lots of friends currently  in the second year who already have great jobs organised which has given me a lot more confidence that I will be successful when I’m looking for my placement.

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