Olga Temnik

Programme: Marketing
Year of study: 1

I came to the UK to study as the education you receive at UK universities is meant to be the best in the world. Russian students who have studied here will have an advantage over graduates from Russian Universities.

In Russia you cannot do a placement alongside your degree but when you look for a job they all want experience so doing a placement is a huge advantage.

One of the main reasons that I chose Aston Business School is that I have friends who studied here and enjoyed the experience.

Olga Temnik
Olga Temnik

I also looked at the rankings and saw that Aston University had a good reputation which will help me to find employment after my degree.

During Freshers’ week I met lots of people and it was a really good start to University life. During this time the Aston Aunties were really helpful. When I first arrived they told me where to get my key, gave me directions and told me about events which were happening. This assistance from existing students makes it an easy transition into university life.

Everything at Aston is on one campus and really convenient and it is also close to the city centre.  Staying in University accommodation makes it really easy to get to know people and there is always someone to talk to and go to if you need help or advice. 

The different types of teaching which are offered within Aston Business School help to develop your skills. The teaching is different to what I have experienced previously, for example tutorials. If I don’t understand something during a lecture or tutorial I can talk individually to the tutor as they all have specific office hours for this purpose. The tutors are brilliant, they listen to your views and when you go and ask them something, you know they will be able to help.

In the future I would like to work in advertising,  PR or the fashion industry.  I have always planned to work in these areas and hope that my time at Aston Business School will make this possible.

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