Matt Heron

Matt Heron
Matt Heron

Programme: Business Computing & IT
Year of Study: Final year

I chose Aston Business School because of the placement and the reputation within the business world.  You know if you study here this goes a long way to securing a graduate job.  I also looked at guides such as the Times Good University Guide which rated Aston Business School highly.

There is a great community atmosphere on campus. You always see someone you know. Living on campus is an easy transition to make if you are prepared to make the most of it.  The on-campus accommodation makes it easy for people to interact with each other and is of a decent standard.  

The Student Advice Centre are helpful about advice on housing etc.  I use the Guild for nights out and have joined clubs and societies such as the Music Society and badminton and table tennis clubs.  Friends have found the Students' JobShop very useful, there are always plenty of jobs available.

Birmingham is like two different places.  By day I enjoy walking around areas such as Centenary Square, but by night there is lots of nightlife, clubs, pubs. Everything you need here, shops, good transport facilities and plenty to do.

In general I feel pretty safe in Birmingham. I feel particularly safe on campus and have no qualms about walking about on my own at night.

You receive a lot of support from the Lecturers. They always want you to do your best and push you to do your best. I built up a good relationship with many of them. I really enjoyed the group element of work. The module choices for my programme are very relevant to what’s happening in the business world today, so we know that the teaching we receive is very up-to-date.  Certain topics will prove very useful to apply to the workplace.  .

The environment you are taught in is very important.  In recent years Aston has upgraded and refurbished its lecture rooms and they are now much more comfortable.  The Lecturers also now have more freedom in their teaching methods due to new facilities.

If I were going to recommend Aston Business School to anyone I would use my own experience of my placement and also finding a good graduate level job.  I would also mention all the support I have had from the school.  I am proud to say I studied at Aston Business School, employers are familiar with it and know that students are of a certain standard and quality.  

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