Khateeb Qureshi

Khateeb Qureshi
Khateeb Qureshi

Nationality: British 
Programme: Accounting for Management
Year of Study: Final

The best thing about studying at ABS is the feeling that you are part of a professional, globally recognised institution with some of its graduates now in high level positions within commerce.

My placement was at IBM Headquarters in Portsmouth as an International Expense Analyst.   I was charge of non-controllable expenses (NCE) for the UK, Ireland, Netherlands & South Africa.   I was also the global point of contact for NCE and regularly in touch with headquarters in Paris and Madrid. 

The highlight of my placement was being selected to help on a budget project for which I received invaluable recognition.  I was also recognised company-wide by the French Finance Director for my hands-on work during year-end.

I chose to study at Aston Business School because of its corporate links and because of the placement.  The placement helped mould theory into something practical.  It introduces students into a professional environment in which they hope to work.  My communication skills improved, also my confidence in dealing with senior staff increased.  I now hope to gain more skills not only to be more employable in the future but to have a better grasp of the inner workings of the types of organisations I wish to work for.

Regarding my future plans, I intend to complete formal qualifications in accounting as well as gain a wider skill-set by pursuing courses in project management and IT service delivery.  I sincerely believe Aston has helped shape this psyche of continuous improvement and to create all-round business knowledge.


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