Justinas Jautzemis

Justinas Jautzemis
Justinas Jautzemis

Programme: Marketing
Year of study: 1

I chose Aston Business School for many reasons – good rating in business, triple accreditation, great design of study program and great employment prospects after graduation.

So far Aston has given me the best experience I could expect: friendly and warm atmosphere, convenient campus, interesting modules and inspiring lecturers. My degree programme is designed to prepare students for a rapidly changing business environment by providing all the essential knowledge about business from the inside and diving deep into exciting world of marketing.

Support for students is great at Aston. For info-hungry minds like mine the library is full of additional material for self study and the lecturers are always willing to help at any time. Aston is also great in its location – situated in the heart of Birmingham, everything you need is at hand. Birmingham is a great place not only for students to live and maintain their lifestyle but also to get inspired with new ideas. Not to mention the nightlife!

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