Emma Gillespie

Programme: Human Resource Management
Year of study: 1
There are a number of areas which I considered when deciding where to study my Human Resource Management degree. I consulted my teacher and he said that Aston Business School was the best place to study business. 

I came to look around on an open day and saw the campus and really liked it.  The HRM Course Director’s talk really helped confirm my decision and I liked the fact that there was a Common First Year as the broad variety of subjects prepares you for the rest of the course.

The reputation of a University is very important and Aston’s reputation and placement year really clinched it for me. Studying here will set you up for life.

Emma Gillespie
Emma Gillespie

Teaching at Aston Business School represents a major change from the way we were taught at school.  It’s the next step up. During our degrees’ we are being trained to be employees not students and we are encouraged to be independent. The teaching is varied and the lecturers make subjects interesting. Tutors are really accommodating and make it easy to get in contact with them. Support and library staff are also very helpful, every time I have needed assistance they have done as much as possible to help. 

Before I came to Aston University I was terrified!  However, as soon as I arrived the Aston Aunties took care of me. They encouraged us to mix in the flat and do things together.  I didn’t feel lonely as you can’t be lonely sharing with as many people as I did in Stafford Tower! The highlight of my time here has been living in the flat because I have made so many friends and it’s such a friendly environment.

Everything is on one campus at Aston and it is all really close together which means that you can easily visit friends. Because it is so compact you meet at least two people you know on the way from the accommodation to your lecture! Birmingham has everything you need close by within walking distance.  I was surprised how safe Birmingham was and by how modern a city it is.

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