Chris Benn

Chris Benn
Chris Benn

Programme: Law with Management
Year of study: Final year 

I felt Aston was the right University for me the first time I attended an open day; I knew it was a place I would feel at home; from my first impressions of the community spirit that echoed through the campus. In addition to the world-renowned reputation and invaluable placement year, Aston had a great deal to offer. As a campus University in the centre of Birmingham, everything I needed was within close walking distance, including a swimming pool; a facility other Universities of a similar size cannot offer. The campus also appealed due to majority of first year students living in the student residences. When not studying, Birmingham has a great nightlife and great places to eat, shop and hang out with your friends, it is a vibrant city to be living in.

 The Law with Management degree stood out due to its commercial relevance. As explained at the open day, the degree enabled students to learn law in a commercial context, helping students to see its application in the business environment. When applying for a placement this year I realised just how valuable this was at helping me stand out, as commercial awareness is becoming more  expected by the legal profession. A significant factor in my decision to choose Aston was that unlike other Law Schools, class sizes of the legal subjects are small, allowing greater interaction with the lecturers. They know me by name. The relationship between students and lecturers means you are not afraid to seek help when you do not understand something, or need advice about future career direction. The assignment of a personal tutor is invaluable and helps relieve some of the worries of being a law student.

 I secured a placement in December of my second year. I work in London, as the legal intern for the financial services company UBS. My placement  allows me to use my legal skills in a business environment, the perfect placement and closely relevant to my studies.

 I have never regretted my decision to choose Aston, and am looking forward to returning for my final year.  I feel part of Aston and my experiences have been a great step forward towards my legal career.

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