Neil Harvey


Since leaving Aston in 1983 I became a Chartered Management Accountant and worked for two large Accountancy practises, primarily on  a variety of consultancy projects where I assisted clients by impoving their processes to maximise their potential .

In 1987 I took my knowledge base of  the operations of all these business, together with the skill set academia and professional qualifications gave me and  started my own business. From starting with no capital and a few ideas , my company grew within 10 years, selling 100 million cakes per annum.

I primarily utilised ‘Lean’ techniques to constantly eliminate waste from our processes to ensure we continued to meet the demands of our supermarket customer base.

In 1994 I enhanced my knowledge bases further with two years of part time study to attain an MBA from Nottingham Trent University.

In 2002 I acquired a bread roll bakery for £2,813,000.00

Following disposal of these businesses in 2007, I became a Director of a  specialist ‘Lean’ Management Consultancy which has in the last 18 months alone has enabled a variety of businesses, from SMEs to PLCs to become more efficient via the implementation of ‘Lean’ thinking and who have typically enhanced margins by between 16% and 40% as a result.

In 2009, I became a visiting lecturer on the MBA programme at Nottingham University’s Business School.

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