Alp Onal

Nationality: Turkish
Programme: International Business and Management student

Year of study: 1
When I was considering where to study I had lots of options other than the UK, but I found that the UK is a good place for international students because of security, safety and benefits like the NHS.

I can also work for twenty hours a week which wouldn’t be possible as a student in some other countries such as the USA.

I decided to study at Aston University as I saw that the graduate prospects of Aston students were really high and this would help me to gain a good job.

Alp Onal
Alp Onal

Aston is a small University with a compact campus which gives you a great chance to keep in touch with people. Everyone was very friendly and helpful when I first arrived which helped me to settle in.

Aston Business School is great for international students both academically and socially. During my time here I have developed in both areas. It can be difficult to settle in a city you have not been to before but it is easy to do it at Aston as it is really friendly with a good community.

The teaching methods on the course are excellent, as there is a great use of technology and you can follow lectures online wherever you are in the world. Everything on the course is up to date so we are using recent case studies which we can apply to business situations which we might encounter.

The lecturers are very friendly and are extremely helpful when you go to see them during office hours and want to improve your understanding of their subject. The staff take the time to help you and it is good to see the effort they make on your behalf.

If I was to recommend Aston Business School to a friend I would tell them about the placement year. ABS is well established amongst companies and this makes a big impact after graduation. If I decide to go back home after my degree having this experience is of great value.

In the future I want to set up my own business and am interested in the automotive industry although I’ve not really decided exactly what I want to do. I spoke to the careers centre and they gave me an idea of the steps I should take and how I should decide about my future career. The structure of the degree allows students to keep their options open for the future which is ideal for me!

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