The Executive DBA Benefits

The Executive DBA is a distance learning doctoral programme designed so that senior professionals can advance their learning whilst still working in their existing roles. On exit, people gain a qualification equivalent to a PhD and are entitled to call themselves ‘Doctor’.

The Executive DBA goes beyond theory. To succeed, participants must show that they can transform practice with the knowledge they have created.

The benefits offered to the Individual:
  • A unique research experience that will impact on their career and their own development as an individual
  • A widely respected qualification that clearly demonstrates their intelligence and ability to innovate
  • Networking opportunities through a global cadre of highly experienced fellow Executive DBA participants to exchange ideas and experiences.

The benefits offered to your Organisation:

  • Access to vital ‘cutting edge’ thinking that they can use in their own organisation
  • The ability to significantly enhance their own innovative capacity
  • The opportunity to offer senior managers the chance for further career development

Student Profile

Student Profile

Quintin Heath

HR Director

'The benefit of pursuing the Executive DBA is that it has challenged the way I think about issues at work and enabled me to think more deeply about the business’ challenges.'


Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research