Who does the Executive DBA?

The Executive DBA students come from over 5 different countries and have a range of professional experiene and personal backgrounds.  They undertake the Executive DBA for a variety of reasons: Some seek promotion within their current company or industry, whilst others want to change the industry they work in or even start their own company.

We welcome applications from management professionals for all areas of business in the conviction that a diverse cohort lends texture, perspective and international relevance to our world-class programme.

Overall Cohort

  • Number of Students: 20
  • Nationalities represented: 8
  • Average number of years work experience: 7
  • Average age: 32
  • Age range: 30-35
Angus Garrett

Angus Garrett, Senior Economist and Executive DBA Student
‘In choosing the Executive DBA you look for quality in research, specifically the people and pedigree - Aston has both of these.  From the early days of the Aston Studies through to todays Executive DBA programme, Aston University emphasises collaboration, exploring new ideas and doing things differently’.

Christopher Owen
Christopher Owen, Teaching Fellow and Executive DBA Student
'In consultancy in particularly you have to help clients with particularly tough and complex issues, some of which have not been tackled before.  Therefore, you need to have the right tools and techniques to be able to analyse these issues and these skills can only really come from this sort of course’.
Roger Hammer
Roger Hammer, Executive DBA Alumni Student  
‘As a business man, I felt the Executive DBA was more practical orientated and would be better suited to my background.  I initially came to Aston because it was local, but having said that, the majority of the Executive DBA students are distance learning. You do your Executive DBA remotely, so you can do this from any part of the world and fit it in with your business life.’

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