Executive DBA Testimonials

DBA Alumni

Our Executive DBA students come from all over the world and have a wide range of professional experience across business sectors. 

They undertake the Executive DBA for a variety of reasons: Some seek promotion within their current company or industry, whilst others want to change the industry they work in or even start their own company.

We welcome applications from management professionals from all areas of business in the conviction that a diverse cohort lends texture, perspective and international relevance to our world-class programme.

Paul Joesbury

Chief Procurement Officer at Chesapeake Packaging 

“The DBA allowed me to transition from a corporate world and learn the academic way of doing business”

John Blakey

Executive Coach at John Blakey Ltd

“My research proposal changed significantly through the course of the RMC modules”

Sanjoy Sen

Senior Director at Doloitte  

“The Aston DBA proposition addressed my requirements extremely well”

Morgan Potter

Business Growth Advisor (innovation) at Suffolk Chamber of Commerce  

The DBA allowed me to perform real research”

Geoff Parkes

Commercial Finance Advisor at Dolphins Day Nursery Ltd and Associate Dean for International at Aston Business School“Don’t lose sight to the fact that your academic supervisors are key”

Mark Taylor

Managing Partner at Blue sky Associates

“The reason I wanted to do a DBA was to increase my expertise and knowledge”

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