Message from the Director

Explore new ideas. Change business practice. Make knowledge work.

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Organisations are only as good as their people and their systems.  Getting both aspects right for the context you work in, especially in a dynamic, competitive and global economy, can be hard.  These issues affect all sectors of the economy.

We want to work with you, as a thought leader responding to your work challenges, to help you refine your ideas and to inspire you to explore new ones as part of the Aston Executive DBA process.  The outcome of this supported journey will be improved personal work practices and the confidence and capability to intervene and improve the organisational structures and processes you participate in, now and in the future.  We want to make new knowledge work for you, but more than that, we will work with you to create a transformational learning environment so that you can realise your aspirations.

We also encourage curiosity-driven research.  Research is measured not just by its economic impacts, but also by how it advances our understanding of the value of society and culture.  In other words, echoing a view articulated by Harvard University President Drew Gilpin Faust, higher education drives economic development, solves society’s most urgent problems, and promotes enquiry that enables a critical stance so we can generate ideas and practices about work from a humane perspective.

Engaged scholarship is a core mission for us.  Join an international community of existing research students and alumni to achieve your ambitions.  To find out more, explore the Executive DBA web pages, talk to a member of the DBA Programme and exchange ideas with a potential supervisor.

Chris Owen, the Executive DBA Director

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