Yi Wan

Yi Wan


Start Date
January 2010

PhD Research Title
Enterprise Management Strategies and ERP development: Virtual Value Chain Adoption Using Dynamic Enterprise Reference Grid

Why did you choose to study for your PhD at Aston Business School?
I chose ABS for three reasons.  First, Aston Business School has a good reputation as being a pre-eminent place for doing doctoral study.  Second, the Operations and Information Management academic group at ABS has the right expertise for my discipline.  And third, ABS offers top quality teaching and research within a really supportive environment.

What is good about the Research Degrees Programme?
The Research Degrees Programme creates a good connection between research students and the wider Business School.  The RDP also provides a wide range of relevant activities for research students including training sessions, workshops, research seminars, symposia, and conferences.

What is the most challenging aspect of the PhD?
Doing a PhD is challenging in a number of ways: creating inspirational and novel ideas regarding your research topic and final deliverables ; having the ability and self-discipline  to arrange a personal research plan; and regularly presenting your research in progress.

What would you advise anyone thinking of doing a PhD?
Start to think about your research topic. Why have you chosen to do it? What are the benefits that stem from it? What are the ultimate deliverables for both academia and practitioners?

Think outside of the box. Do not always follow the previous literature in the same discipline.

As a research student, most of your time is controlled by the individual, and therefore a personal plan is vital for the three years of your PhD. 

Recent Publications/Conferences Papers
The paper entitled “Enterprise Management and ERP Development: Case Study of Zoomlion Using Dynamic Enterprise Reference Grid” was presented at the Conference on Enterprise Information Systems.

The paper entitled “Achieving Agility in Transforming Manufacturing Organizations through Enterprise Management and ERP Development: the DERG Model with Virtual Value Chain Concept” was presented at the 15th Cambridge International Manufacturing Symposium.

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