Dr Jassim M. Al-Fahhad

Dr Jassim M. Al-Fahhad


Current Occupation
Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator for Research and Development
Business Administration Department, Arabian Open University - Kuwait Branch

PhD Research Title
Assessing the Capability to Acquire and Absorb Technology within the Public Sector in Developing Countries:  The Case of Kuwait

Brief Outline of Research
The aim of the research was to assess the acquisition and absorption technological capabilities of the public sector in developing countries as well as proposing a framework to enhance the technological capability of developing countries.

Why did you choose to study for your PhD at Aston Business School?
I chose ABS because of its reputation and excellent support from the staff.

What have you gained (both professionally and personally) from completing your PhD at Aston Business School?
Pursuing my PhD at ABS permitted me to secure an academic position at a prominent university.

What do you consider to be the most positive aspects of your experience at Aston Business School?
For me, one of the most positive aspects of my experience at Aston Business School was the close relationship with my supervisor

What was the most challenging aspect of the PhD?
Collecting and analysing the data.

What would you advise anyone thinking of doing a PhD?
1. Define your topic very clearly
2. Give extensive effort to the literature review phase
3. Patience!