Dr Azmawani Abd Rahman

Dr Azmawani Abd Rahman


Current Occupation
Lecturer, Department of Management and Marketing, University Putra Malaysia

PhD Research Title
Buyer-Supplier Relationships in Advanced Manufacturing Technology Acquisition and Implementation: A Study in Malaysia

Graduation Year

My PhD really helped me to jump-start my career as an academic. It has given me a rewarding experience that has made me who I am today, a scholar and an academic in my own rights.

During my PhD I managed to publish for three prestigious international journals, attended a number of international conferences to present my work, and won a silver medal at the Research Invention Exhibition in UPM.

To me, the relationship between students and their PhD supervisors does not end at graduation and there is a lot of potential collaborative work that can be pursued. 

I am pleased with my decision to have chosen Aston University for my doctorate degree.