Allan Lee

Allan Lee

Allan Lee


Start Date
October 2010

Study Mode
Full Time MSc by Research

ESRC 1+3 Award

Research Title
The Development of the Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) Relationship: A Longitudinal Analysis

Brief Outline of Research to date
Conducted a meta-analysis investigating the effect of LMX on performance outcomes.

Why did you choose to study for your research degree at Aston Business School?
I decided I wanted to pursue a career in academia in the area of Occupational Psychology. A business school therefore is the most appropriate institution to achieve this. Aston Business School in particular has a fantastic group of staff in the Work and Organizational Psychology group. I feel that if I can work closely with these individuals I will gain a wealth of invaluable experience. With so many of the staff publishing in excellent journals I am hoping to get an idea about the type and standard of research that is required to get published. 

What is good about the Research Degrees Programme?
The programme provides an excellent introduction to how to conduct research and how to go about designing an experiment. It also provides a great background to the philosophical underpinnings of research.

What is the most challenging aspect of the programme so far?
The most challenging aspect of the course so far has been time management and ensuring that all the deadlines have been met. I have also had to ensure I have done enough background reading before starting the essay assignment in order to ensure they are informed arguments.

What would you advise anyone thinking of doing a research degree?
Think carefully about why you want to do the course and what you want to do afterwards. It is an excellent course if you plan to carry on doing research afterwards. Think carefully about whether you are really interested in conducting rigorous research in the future.