Research student and alumni profiles

PhD students

Vimal Kumar Eswarlal - India
Vimal Kumar Eswarlal
'A research degree at ABS offers the platform to work in collaboration with academic experts whilst also providing the freedom to think differently and work with new ideas.' More...
Bernadette Frech - Austria
Bernadette Frech
'ABS is a highly service-oriented institution with a great atmosphere and culture.  The study conditions in terms of supervisory teams, academic and administrative staff, and study facilities are outstanding.' More...
Jim Scott - UK
Jim Scott
'I chose Aston because of its strong multi-disciplinary research and because of its very strong links with local and national businesses which ensures my research is applied.' More...
Yi Wan - China
Yi Wan
'The Research Degrees Programme provides a wide range of relevant activities for students including training sessions, workshops, seminars, symposia, and conferences.' More...
Daniel Wright - UK
Daniel Wright
'I chose to pursue my PhD at Aston Business School because I was really impressed by the level of expertise of my supervisors’. More...

PhD alumni

Dr Azmawani Abd Rahman: Lecturer - Malaysia
Dr Azmawani Abd Rahman
'To me, the relationship between students and their PhD supervisors does not end at graduation and there is a lot of potential collaborative work that can be pursued.' More...
Dr Jassim  M. Al-Fahhad: Assistant Professor - Kuwait
Dr Jassim  M. Al-Fahhad

'For me, one of the most positive aspects of my experience at Aston Business School was the close relationship with my supervisor.' More...

Dr Regina Eckert: Senior Research Associate - Germany
Dr Regina Eckert
'I consider the international environment and the international network of scholars to be one of the most positive aspects of my experience at Aston Business School.' More...
Dr Paul Spee: Lecturer - Germany
Dr Paul Spee
'I came to Aston Business School due to the world-leading research undertaken.  The research environment is excellent at Aston with a vibrant community.' More...

MSc by Research

Gabriel Gazolli - Italy / Brazil
Gabriel Gazzoli
“I chose Aston because of its reputation, and leading professors in the area of my chosen field. The diverse background of research students also makes the learning process unique, interesting and enriching.” More...
Allan Lee - UK
Allan Lee
“Aston Business School has a fantastic group of staff in the Work & Organisational Psychology group. I feel that if I can work closely with these individuals I will gain a wealth of invaluable experience.”  More...

DBA students

Angus Garrett: Senior Economist
Angus Garrett
'In choosing a DBA you look for quality in research, specifically the people and pedigree - Aston has both of these. Aston emphasises collaboration, exploring new ideas and doing things differently.'
Christopher Owen: PwC Consultant 
Christopher Owen
'In consultancy you have to help clients with particularly tough and complex issues, some of which have not been tackled before. The DBA provides the skills, tools and techniques to help with this.'
Roger Hammer: Lecturer
Roger Hammer
'Many DBA students are learning at a distance, you do the DBA remotely, so you can do this from any part of the world and fit it in with your business life.'
Quintin Heath: HR Director for British Sugar Group
Quintin Heath
'The benefit of pursuing the Aston DBA is that it has challenged the way I think about issues at work and enabled me to think more deeply about the business’ challenges.'

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