Varun Makkar

Varun Makkar

At Aston you will meet students coming from different parts of the world and you can learn a lot about different cultures. I would have never got an opportunity to make friends from a variety of backgrounds.

Home country: India  

Course: MSc International Business (Class of 2007)

‘I come from India and I have done my schooling at my home town Meerut, which is nearby Delhi. After my schooling I did my UG degree from a Business School in Delhi. Having done my BBA at an undergraduate level, I had acquired a greater understanding of Business and Management topics.

'I then decided to apply for a specialist MSc programme as I felt at that stage I needed to learn how to think globally about the business world and also learn how to manage multinational businesses and turn local and national companies into international success stories. After completing my previous studies, coming to the UK and studying at one of the best reputed Business Schools in the UK, was the best thing I could imagine.

‘The UK’s Quality standards are amongst the best in the world, with institutions being continuously assessed to ensure study opportunities meet strict criteria. Therefore the Masters degree at one of the most recognised universities like Aston will equip me with the knowledge and skills required for the global market. Also I can complete my postgraduate degree in a shorter period of time than is possible in most countries and avail the opportunity of being a part of a dynamic international culture.

‘I have been living on-campus in one of the high rise accommodations and it has been a wonderful experience for me. The biggest advantage is that you save so much time and money which you would have spent otherwise travelling. You don’t really need to worry when you have a lecture at 9 o’clock in the morning.

‘Birmingham is a very friendly place and a lot of students every year choose Birmingham as the place of their study. It’s Britain’s second city and a lot cheaper compared to London, even more green, calm and peaceful. One more advantage to a student studying at Aston is that the University is located right in the heart of the city centre of Birmingham.

‘After completing my course I will be going back to my home country and will join my family business which is of manufacturing sports goods. The international exposure that I have gained by studying at Aston will help me a lot in taking my family business to greater heights.’

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