Timothy So

Aston is the only place that offers BPS accredited programmes under the Business School instead of a Psychology department, which is appealing to me as I could gain more practical/commercial sense and knowledge.

Timothy So

Home country: Hong Kong

Course: MSc Work Psychology & Business (Class of 2007)

‘When I was exploring universities in the UK, I’d heard about an eminent scholar who works at Aston, in the field that I am interested in. Luckily, he is now my supervisor for my dissertation.

‘The location of Aston is another positive factor for me; the university is situated at the heart of Birmingham, which is very convenient to students. The Varsity international exchange and visiting programmes have impressed me about Aston – there are so many different exchange and study programmes across different countries like France, Norway, Mexico and USA, and I am going to Mexico for a cultural and business exchange programme for a month in July. Such opportunities were really out of my expectations.

‘Courses in Aston Business School focus equally on theoretical and practical issues. As I would like to pursue a PhD and work as a consultant for my career, this definitely offers me the training I want.  Different guest speakers were invited to share in several courses, which provide a more comprehensive picture of the real working environment, as well as widen students’ vision and network.'

When describing student life in Birmingham, Timothy explains: ‘You can live your preferred life in Birmingham: whenever I want to meet new friends, explore the culture, or experience joyful life in the UK, the city centre offers me different nice places to do so. When I want to focus on my academic studies, I can always find nice places in Aston for working and studying.

‘The UK is a very culturally diverse country, students who would like to spend most time on studying here should have an open mind to learn and appreciate different practices of people from different backgrounds.’

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