Khushboo Bhandari

Khushboo Bhandari

I chose to study at Aston because of its good reputation and the good rankings also. My MSc programme is very rigorous with a good mix of contemporary modules and offers a great opportunity to exchange ideas with my work mates. It also has a very good employment record.

Home country: India

Course: MSc Human Resource Management & Business (Class of 2007)

‘Studying at Aston has encouraged me to be more independent and self disciplined, and has increased my motivation. Overall it was great fun to be a part of Aston University in every field!  Aston University is a great place to study, and I found living in on-campus accommodation the most wonderful experience. I met friends from many different cultures. The campus is in the heart of city centre, so i can move out to centre really quickly and even my lecture theatres are also found to be nearest my accommodation.

‘I’m really impressed about the fact that there is cultural diversity with different nationalities. It’s a great place to meet new friends! Studying in the UK, has improved my English language skills which will further help with my career.'

When asked about career development, Khushboo explains, ‘I am currently in my final year, working on my presentations, assessments and on my dissertation as well. By studying at Aston, I have learnt various skills, such as improving my time management skills. Eventually, I am looking for a recruitment consultant job in the near future.

‘From a student's point of view, Birmingham is very culturally diverse. The campus is in the heart of city centre which is lively and colourful. There is a strong mix of old and modern architecture, great shopping and good transportation links. The canals are very picturesque and the city looks lovely especially in the winter with snow. I will just say in simple words that Aston University is a great place to study!’

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